Mobile communication

The main reason for the update from 4G to 5G is because of the increase in the amount of data exchanged on the Internet. However, many of you may wonder what this "Internet" is. The definition of the Internet varies, but in a broad sense, it is the connecting of computers to each other.However, while connecting is as simple as plugging a cable into both computers if they are close together, our Internet is made up of various technologies to connect computers all over the world. Let's learn more about these technologies on this page.

The mechanism that leads us to the Internet

Let's see how data is usually sent when we watch a video, by using Youtube.

① Data center

All the videos are stored in this data center, and it is sent when a client requests the data. Most services used via the Internet, have their data stored in the company's own data centers.

② Submarine Cable

Undersea cables that crawl under the ocean floor make communication between the United States and Japan possible.

③ Network center

A network center is a facility that houses computers owned by a company that builds telecommunications infrastructure. It is responsible for sending the data to the nearest base station (radio tower) to each smartphone.

④ Base station (Radio tower)

The data sent (in this case, video) is converted into radio waves before being sent to our phones. The bottleneck in Internet communication is this part that communicating over these radio waves and is the main part of the change from 4G to 5G.

⑤ Smartphone

By interpreting the information it can read from the radio waves, the phone plays the video on the screen.


In this way, distant computers communicate with each other, and 5G is a new technology for "computers on the move". As this is a site for understanding 5G, I focused on the routes that data takes. But, there are many other things that make the Internet work, such as encryption technology to protect personal information. If you are interested, please do your own research and deepen your knowledge.