What is 5G?

In mid-October, the iPhone 12 models were announced and 5G support was revealed. From this announcement, the majority of mobile phones are expected to be compatible with 5G, and 5G will become even more popular.
5G stands for "5th Generation". 5G has three key features: "Ultra-high speed", "Ultra-low latency", and "Ultra-many simultaneous connections".

What is telecommunication?

We use smartphones and computers very often nowadays. But, do you know how they communicate with each other? Before we get to know 5G, let's learn the basics of communications itself.

About 5G

5G is a new generation of mobile communication systems that are being introduced around the world right now.
Get an overview of 5G in the pages ahead.

Let's start!

At the start, let's look at the history of communication technology to date.